Friday, May 3, 2013

Kindergarten Round Up

We recently had Kindergarten Roundup which was a huge success!  It is so fun to see those little preschoolers so eager to be a "big" Kindergartener!

We went with the typical Western Theme to "roundup" those little kiddos.

Check out this adorable campfire my teacher friend made last year!  

This is where we had snack!  We sat around the campfire and enjoyed our cowboy and cowgirl trail mix and learned all about Kindergarten.  

Then we read a story about Kindergarten!

The upcoming kinders colored and cut out their own little cowboy or cowgirl hat to wear right when they came!  Look how cute!

Then we had fun coloring our own cowboy and cowgirl boots!  We also made fun horses to take home to our moms and dads!

I won't get to enjoy these upcoming kinders because I am moving to 4th grade!  But what a bunch!  

To download this unit, click on the picture below!

Ocean Life

The kiddos had a lot of fun exploring the creatures of the deep.   Not only did we learn about the animals who live in the sea, we also learned about the sea habitat.
We watched a couple youtube videos that showed some sea turtles hatching and making their way back to the ocean.  The kids absolutely loved this! Living in the Midwest...this is something most of them will never see.
Check out what we did!
We learned about Ocean Habitats and read an Ocean Book!

We created jellyfish and sea turtles and turtle eggs that hatched!

To download this unit, click on the picture below!