Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Flash Freebie and some Long Division Help!

Who doesn't love long division?!?!?!?
The dividing, multiplying, subtracting...we all have to agree that it is the best thing ever!!!
Well...there are some who may not agree with us. (Shocking, I know!)  And some of students may not agree with us either.   So to make division a little more fun for everyone (and easier to do) I created this exercise.

I laminated this for my classroom. 

I also made a smaller laminated version for each student to keep right on their desk as they work their division problems.

Early on in the division process, I give them sheets like this, with grid lines to really help them stay organized in dividing.

They also have a sheet like this to help them multiply to check their answer.

Ahhhh...gotta love long division!

This Monster Division Poster is my Friday Flash Freebie!  Click on any of the pictures above to download this Freebie.  But hurry, it's not free for long!

Along with my Friday Flash Freebie, I am also sharing this Freebie printable.

I found this saying at and converted into a printable poster that we are using for our school's Visitor's Day.


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