Friday, December 12, 2014

Electricity and Magnets Unit and a Friday Flash Freebie (It's a Big One!)


My 4th graders are wrapping up a quarter long unit on Electricity and Magnets!  They have spent weeks creating circuits, breaking circuits, creating magnets, finding conductors, and learning TONS!

We learned about Static Electricity!

What is attracted to balloons that are full of static electricity?

Our hair...


tissue paper... 

index cards...

and ourselves!

We learned about making and breaking circuits!

We learned about conductors and insulators!

We learned about series circuits and parallel circuits!

And then we learned about magnets!

We learned what is attracted to magnets...

And how the magnetic field strongest at the poles...

And how to make our own paperclip magnet!

Download the whole unit for FREE as part of this week's Friday Flash Freebie!


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