Monday, September 8, 2014

Classroom Quotes for Every Day of the Year!

So...I have a small obsession.  It's one I don't normally talk about, but here goes!

I love, love, love all those cute, motivational quotes that you find on Facebook and Pinterest.  I read those and am always like, "Wow...that is so powerful!"

And I want my students to find quotes like that inspiring and life changing too.  So, prior to this year, I created a handful of inspirational posters and hung them in my room.  But my kiddos seemed unimpressed.  Yeah, sure, it may have been a great quote and it may have motivated them for a short time, but I realized that if I had the same poster hung up all year, then after a while, they just looked right past it.  I decided I needed motivation all day, every day!

So I decided that each day I would hang a new quote up for the kids to read, ponder, and, best case scenario, improve their life skills!  I researched and internet surfed until I came up with 180 of my favorite motivational classroom quotes!  (I started at the beginning of summer break and just finished!  It was quite the project for me!  Whew!)

I printed off my posters on cardstock and I hung a page protector on my classroom door (I cut off the 3 ring punch holes to make it look nicer!).  Then each day I grab a new poster, slide out yesterday's poster, and slide in the new poster.  The kiddos now know that each day brings a new thought to ponder and they actually look forward to it!  

This literally takes 10 seconds a day (and if I forget, they remind me!)

Here are a few of my favs...


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