Favorite Products

I have TONS of favorite products that I use in my classroom on a daily or weekly basis.  And I am constantly coming up with new favorite products.  So keep checking out this page for updates and ideas!

I love these magnetic spinners from Educational Insights.  I use these ALL THE TIME!  

  I use them for review games and spontaneous  learning moments all the time.  I also have one  spinner posted year round on my Homework Hot Shots Game which rewards students for having all their homework in on time.


I recently purchased this SCRABBLE message board for my class.

I made this SCRABBLE board into a bulletin board and divided my class into teams.  We added a few rules to accommodate our classroom and now we have on going SCRABBLE matches all year long!  (As you can see from our picture, we often have to go back and discuss if a "word" is really a word!)

I made this organizational unit from the printable I downloaded for free from http://imlovinlit.blogspot.com/.  I purchased my organizer from Ace Hardware for $15, but you can get them nearly anywhere including Amazon.


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