Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Unit

I love this unit...learning about apples and getting to eat them!  What could be better?

We kicked off this unit with each student getting their own apple to observe!
We answered questions about our apple and then we drew the way the outside of our apples looked!

We also drew the way the inside of our apples looked.  And while examining the inside of our apple, we counted seeds.  This part can get a bit messy, but what fun are you having if you are not getting "down and dirty", right?!?!?

Then we graphed how many seeds we found!

How cute are these fingerprint apple trees?!?!?  A little keepsake for Mom and Dad too!

 We learned about the life cycle of an apple.

And we learned how our apple tree will look different in each of the Four Seasons!

 (Using the smartboard!)
What we learned about apples!
 Our favorite things about apples!

To download this unit, click on the picture below.


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