Monday, October 1, 2012

Homework Management

The challenge?  How to encourage 5 & 6 year olds to remember to bring their B.E.E. Folder (Homework Folder - See below!) and any homework each and every day to school?  Well, I have tried a couple things!  

First, I made Hoppy for Homework passes to tape on each student's desk.  Each day, they get a sticker if they have their supplies.  This worked out very well and seems to motivate!  The problem?  The passes rip and fall off the desks before the 5 stickers are earned!  This was driving me crazy!  So, I created a bulletin board using the passes below and that way they stay nicely in tact!
Per a teacher request, I also created Hooting Good Homework Passes.

I also created a similar Hoppy for Homework poster.  This was blown up and  laminated.  Mark an X in each spot when the kiddos have their supplies and when they reach a star (the same as 5 stickers) they earn a prize.  This is posted in a central location so the students can keep track of where they are.  Simply write the month on the top and wipe off at the end of each month. I love this!

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