Thursday, November 1, 2012

Owl Unit

I love, love, love owls!  This is probably one of my favorite units.

After learning that one of an owl's favorite treats is mice, we had to play a game.  So I created a hungry owl on cardboard and then I attached the mice to toilet paper tubes wrapped in gray ducktape.  Students played "Feed the Owl"!  They each had three tries to get as many mice in the owl's "beak".   

I included a template which I used to freehand the owl in my download.  However, if freehanding isn't your thing, you could blow it up or use an overhead to trace.  I also included the mice to copy and put on tubes.

 Check out this cute owl puppet we made!  I found a similar idea online but I am not sure who to give credit to! :(  Anyway, I made templates for this project to make it easier for the kiddos.

After reading our Oliver the Owl Booklets, we learned filled in a "What we learned" sheet.

We created Owl Night Scenes.


To download this unit,
 click on the picture below.


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