Thursday, December 4, 2014

Study Buddy and Friday Flash Freebie

Do your students know how to study for tests?  Sure, they know they have a test and they may look over their notes and they may even have a parent quiz them, but do they REALLY know how to study?

This is the question I have been asking myself for the past few months.  How do we expect our students to study for tests if we have never actually TAUGHT them how to study?!?!?

So, that is something my 4th graders have been working on...studying how to study!

We have been doing different activities such as flash cards, acronyms, games, etc that can help them study for tests (and maybe even have a little fun while doing so...who would have thought!  Studying can be fun?!?!?)

I also started using the STUDY BUDDY.  

The kids attach their Study Buddy (printed on bright paper so as not to be missed in the backpack!) to their study guide or review sheet.  They use the techniques we have learned in class and mark off what they did.  If they bring their Study Buddy back on the day of the test with a parent signature, I add 5 extra credit points on to their test grade.

This seems to be working well for my class, but you could be creative and change it up to do what works for you!

This is also this week's Friday Flash Freebie!  


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