Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Live Cams Are A Great Addition To Your Classroom!

This summer flew by...as all summers do!  I tried my absolute best to ensure that everything my own kiddos learned last year would remain fresh in their little brains over their three months off.  We did Math facts, practiced sight words, read books, and practiced tying our shoes!  All of which was usually met with the moans and groans of my children who would much rather be outside riding bikes and swimming!  However, there was one amazing learning experience that kept us intrigued and attentive this summer. 
My kids LOVED watching the live animal cams!

Click the picture above!

There are lots of different animals to view live...bees, polar bears, whales, and more!  But our favorite seemed to be the salmon and the bears in Alaska! 
Check it out and see what is your favorite!
I know I will showing this in my classroom this year! 
Welcome Back!

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