Friday, November 21, 2014

A Thanksgiving Class Recipe Book and a Friday Flash Freebie

Thanksgiving is next week and already I am thinking of that amazing, once-a-year dinner!  Thanksgiving is a time of traditions, thankfulness, and, of course, food!

So, I thought I would share a little writing project we did last year as a class.  It takes a little time and preparation, but it is worth it!  I promise!

We spent one lesson having group discussions on Thanksgiving traditions.  What we do with our families, what our traditions are, what food we have at our feasts.  

Then each child was asked to think of their favorite Thanksgiving recipe.  They were to bring this recipe to school.
Then we wrote!  We wrote about our family Thanksgiving traditions and what we remember or think of when looking at this recipe.
We went into the computer lab and each student typed up their own recipe and paragraph. (I proofread!)
I gave each student the opportunity to choose a clip art picture to go with their recipe as the finishing touch to their cookbook page!

I sent to our local ESU to be printed and bound and we were able to send home before Thanksgiving break!

These were a huge hit with my families.  The writing piece at the bottom of each recipe really made it worth it.

This year, we are doing this a holiday gift for parents.  So even though you may not have enough time to do this before Thanksgiving, you could have it done in time for your Christmas or Holiday break!

Today's Friday Flash Freebie is an oldie but a goodie.

My Cause and Effect packet is a set of activities meant to teach and reinforce the concept of cause and effect in a variety of ways.

Page 1 & 2 - Cause and Effect Practice Sheet and Answer Key
Page 3 - Cause and Effect Short Story Activity
Page 4 - Cause and Effect Picture Activity
Page 5 - Cause and Effect Trees Activity
Page 6 - Cause and Effect Puzzle Activity
Page 7, 8, & 9 - Cause and Effect Card Game
Page 10 - Cause and Effect Activity using the picture book "Tuesday" by David Weisner
Page 11 - Cause and Effect activity using a book of your choosing
Page 12 - Cause and Effect Transitions worksheet



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