Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our Family Fav Toys

Our family got some fun new toys this Christmas season and in holidays past.  Here are some of our favorite learning toys that can be played with at home or in the classroom!  These have been tested and approved by my own kiddos!  (and they can be tough critics!)
First up...and probably our #1 our Snap Circuits!

This is the set we have...

It comes with a book that gives step by step instructions on how to create awesome circuits.  This is my 8 year old daughter doing it all by herself and getting my 1 year old son involved as well.

Next up...our Learning Resources Gear Set.

We have the Light and Actions Set, however there are many different sets to choose from.

Again, my 8 year old can pretty much put the gears together on her own.  Sometimes she will ask for adult help because it can be challenging...but isn't the challenging part the best part?!?!?  How else do they learn???


Our set comes with an electric gear turner which my son absolutely LOVES!

Not all the sets do include if you are planning to your homework!

Our next favorite thing is our Laser Maze Game.

My 11 year old daughter actually prefers playing by herself and just making laser beams even though the game is met to be competitive between more players. 

   The idea is to get the laser beam to reach your target using a series of mirrored angles.  It is hard to see the beam in the pictures, but the piece with the red button on top is where the beam comes from and she is directing it to her target pieces below. 

Finally, our last favorite toy is the Lego Fusion.
The idea is to build a Lego home, take a picture with your iPad, and it uploads and becomes a virtual reality.

All they need to do is download the Lego fusion app, snap a picture (the app gives you hints), and play!


If I had all the funds I could ever hope for...I would buy each of these in bundles for the 4th graders in my room!  They would make AWESOME centers!  But for now, we settle for playing them in our home!

For our Friday Flash Freebie, let's ring in the New Year FROZEN style!

This is a fun and easy prep writing craftivity...Perfect for New Year's Goals and Resolutions!!

 Students will write an essay on their goals for the year using the quote, "It's time to see what I can do to test the limits and break through" as a reflection. This Unit has student templates to fill in as they go through the writing process to get their final published piece perfect!

 Also included are templates that can be copied to make your very own "self-portrait" Elsa or Kristoff holding your essay!

Everything you need is included so prep is as easy as making some copies!

Common Core Aligned


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