Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Extreme Blog Makeover Flash Freebie for 08/20/14

Right now I am randomly posting Flash Freebies in celebration of my recently completed Extreme Blog Makeover!  

Each Freebie will be available for 1 day only so make sure to follow my blog to be informed of each new Flash Freebie and obtain the link for download!

Today's Freebie is my new product Back to School Owls!

This is a cute little project I created to go along with my owl theme. The kids in my class have known each other since Kindergarten so I wanted questions that would provide answers the kids may not know about each other already!

Great first week of school project that adds some color to your classroom!

Here are some examples that my kiddos did today!

1 comment:

  1. I'm printing and having on hand for a first week filler. Students will think it's a fun project but for teachers...well...a great tool for giving us a snapshot of what our new kidlets are capable of and what our year holds. Thank you for sharing!