Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Adventure and a Friday Flash FREEBIE!

I don't know how many of you are aware of Book Adventure, but we use it in our school to promote reading and it is wonderful!

I talked about Book Adventure quite some time ago, but I wanted to bring it up again because we use it DAILY in our classroom.

Book Adventure is a FREE online testing site powered by Sylvan Learning.

Each student needs to be registered for an account and from there they can go in and take tests for nearly all reading levels.

If students pass a quiz they earn points.  The goal is to keep earning as many points as you can.

As a teacher, you can go in and see how your students are doing, what books they have tested on, the reading level of these books, and the amount of points they have earned!

Our school uses this as an incentive all year and teachers incorporate it into their classroom accordingly.  

This semester, we are doing a football themed incentive where students move their football across a football field on a school bulletin board as they gain points towards their overall goal.

In my room, we have set a semester goal of 1,000 points by the end of the 1st semester.  (Last year each student set an individual goal instead.  Both ways work well.)

I have a student computer and a student iPad that students can use to take Book Adventure Tests.  Sometimes we will make a trip to the computer lab and take a test as a whole class.  

I have a Book Adventure Leaderboard where I list the top three students in the class and their points.  This gets the competition going for some of your higher readers.  
Click here for a FREEBIE Leaderboard poster.

I also offer prizes for every 500 points earned.

The possibilities are endless! 

Go to and give it a try!

Today's Flash FREEBIE is my Biomes Poster Set.  

This is a Poster Set of the main Biomes. They can be printed out in color or grayscale and can be used as posters in which can be laminated and hung in the classroom or they can be distributed to each student as each biome is studied. I do both when I teach the biomes unit. There are nine posters of the following biomes: tropical rain forest, deciduous forest, coniferous (boreal) forest (taiga), desert, tundra, grassland, savannah, ocean, wetlands, and freshwater.



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