Friday, October 17, 2014

Visitor's Day and Friday Flash Freebier

It has been an absolute crazy week!
We have been preparing for our Autumn Visitor's Day which we celebrated yesterday.  The weather here was gorgeous and everyone had an amazing time.

We had hay rack rides, a photo booth, pumpkin decorating, popcorn and candy corn, "visiting time" with a questionnaire, a Guess Who Game where students had to guess their teacher's childhood picture, Bingo and more!    

Here are my own sweeties with Grandma on the hayrack!

Here are some of the creative pumpkins that were decorated yesterday.

Here is what our Guess Who station looked like.  This was a HUGE hit!  The kids and their visitors loved trying to guess who was who!

Click on the picture below for a freebie Guess Who sign.

This is the questionnaire the kiddos filled out with their visitors.  This was also a huge hit.  The kids were quite surprised with some of the answers!  Click on the picture below for a FREEBIE download!

The photo booth was soooooo much fun!

Here are my kiddos, their visitors, and myself in one of the pictures we took!

And to wrap it is a picture of my baby hangin' out in the wagon.

Here is the Flash Freebie for Friday!

This is my newly created Wheel Templates.

Use these Wheel Templates to learn vocabulary, review for tests, show what you have learned...the possibilities are endless!

There is a template for the cover of the wheel and the moving portion of the wheel.

Templates include wheels with 3 parts, 4 parts, 5 parts, 6 parts, 7 parts, 8 parts, 9 parts, 10 parts, 11 parts, and 12 parts.



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